In 2007, Ace Records/Big Beat used this photo for the cover of the compilation CD;
 Now Hear This! Garage & Beat from the Norman Petty Vaults.  The very first studio recording that The Monocles made; "Let Your Lovin' Grow" was included on this CD.

The newsclip above is from a full page article on the event that appeared in Billboard Magazine dated 12/25/65.  This was a KIMN sponsored event with several record company executives in attendance.

Click here to see some color photos of The Monocles at the Baja Club in late 1965.

The dance marathon at the T.A.C. took place on January 21-22, 1966.  Click here to see photos from the event.  

Les:  How long has it been since you’ve heard the Monocles and Higher Elevation songs? 

Rick:  Oh, years and years and years.  Well, this is just bringin' back those memories.  It wasn't just good music because, gosh, Kevin was such a phenomenal drummer.  We would start one of our sets with a drum solo and we shut all of the lights off.  We painted Kevin's drumsticks fluorescent orange and we had these tuxedo shirts with all the ruffles, and black on the end of the ruffles.  We had a black light we'd hang up.  So we'd turn all the lights out and he would go up and start a drum solo with these fluorescent drumsticks and this shirt, so all you saw was this shirt with these drumsticks.  Kevin was such a showman I mean he'd end a song and jump up on his throne.


On February 27, 1966, The Monocles played Tulagis.  It was Kevin's last performance with the band.

Peter Johnson adds:  Kevin and I went to Aurora Central High School and we always had lunch together.  He would drive up to Greeley on weekends and play with the band.  That's how he ended up getting killed in a car accident. 

Photos exist from a show at Tulagi's.  You can view them by clicking here.

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