Before Brother Son there was a short lived group called Diamondhead.  Below is their bio picture.

From left to right: me, Roger Bryant (Beast, West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band) (bass), Galen Pew (drums), Peter Johnson (piano)

footnote: This was a short lived band that morphed into Brother Son. It had some great players in it and was the main crew that did the "Crazy Man" sessions. The irrepressible Roger Bryant on bass and creative ideas was a major force. Roger was also a great singer and songwriter, penning a couple for the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, and Beast.

 We did a few gigs but primarily spent most of our time in the studio recording.

 Roger and Galen left and were replaced by Jerry Krenzer (Freddi-Henchi Band) and Bob MacVittie (Moonrakers, Sugarloaf) respectively. We then changed the name to Brother Son and rolled on down the road. B.Y.

An additional footnote from David Williams:  I joined Bob when Roger was still playing bass.  We worked under the name Diamondhead together for several months until Jerry joined.  (Which is when their name was changed to Brother Son.)  



Above is the bio pic for Brother Son and below are several publicity photos that were taken at the Denver Art Museum.




David Williams (sax-flute), Bob MacVittie (drums), Me, Jerry Krenzer (bass), Peter Johnson (piano)

The two photos below were taken at Denver Botanical Gardens.


More photos from the above session can be viewed on the second Peter Johnson page by clicking here.  

Below is a Brother Son poster.  It is likely to be the only one in existence.

footnote:  As the blurb up top states Brother Son was a post Sugarloaf band started back in Denver, after my second exodus of the L.A. music scene.  I had bought an old recording studio called "Bandbox Records" on 44th and Sheridan, a long time Denver icon.  It was a two track studio where, ironically I had cut a demo with a surf band years before.  You all stood around a mic and moved around to get your vocal balance.  This, of course was after you recorded the music on the other track using the same one mic technique.  You need more drums?  Move the mic closer to the drums!  Anyway, my partner was an underground FM disc jockey called "Super Warthog".  We renamed the studio Warthog Productions.  It was great for practicing and working on original music.  This was one of the most musical and original bands I've ever been in and it's a shame we never put out any product. B.Y.

More from Bob on this:

I bought it from George Kreiger along with Brian Kreizenbeck. I'm sure I misspelled Brian's last name. We were 50/50 partners and bought all the fabulous equipment. A two track reel to reel, a few microphones and an old Altec mixing board that looked like something out of 'Captain Midnight'. Two gigantic knobs left and right for the track tone.

Brian was arguably the hottest FM jock on the air on KFML and was called "Super Warthog". So he changed the name to Warthog Studios. I didn't care. He did voice over spots, simple jingles etc. He primarily booked the rooms and did the engineering (what there was of it). I ended up renting one of the small 'fire code challenged' apartments next door to the studio. The owner of the bulding reduced the size of the studio and eliminated the practice room attached and converted it to a small apartment. This is how it remains to this very day.

This was too tempting for me to pass up. I went over almost every night, no matter what the time, or my state of sobriety and I would practice, record, screw girls, whatever I wanted. My bands Diamondhead which morphed into Brother Son practiced there and recorded frequently. "Lady of the Night" and "My Ship is Coming In" are a few of the tracks we recorded there.

I personally recorded Bob Lind (of "Elusive Butterfly" fame) who called in the middle of the night and had a new song he was excited about and wanted to get down. I can't remember the tune, but it was beautiful.  Also, Snuffy Walden who moved to L.A. and did a bunch of TV and movie work providing music. Those are the ones I remember. Could have been more, but that was many moons ago. I think I eventually sold it back to George. Again, I can't remember. Good Times goin on.


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