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Welcome to the Rick Hull and Robb Casseday pages.  On these pages we will cover the history of Rick's two Colorado Bands from the mid through the late sixties and include recent  interviews and comments from Rick and Robb, along with some excellent and extremely rare memorabilia.  First it's The Monocles:

Robb:  We took these pictures at a little motel between Greeley and LaSalle called the Three Gables Inn. It's still there to this day but it has a different name.  Back then it was pretty new and pretty well known and the newest thing in this part of the country for motels.  They had a pool and they had a lot of concrete and a lot of landscaping out around the outside of it, so the photographer said this is a good place to do a shoot.  

Click here for more photos from this shoot.

This info sheet would be from sometime after December 20, 1965 and before March 2, 1966.  At this point they had recorded two songs.  They were "Let Your Lovin' Grow" and "You Don't Know." The songs were recorded at Norman Petty Studios on December 20, 1965, but they never made it to vinyl.

Robb:  These were the first pictures we ever took.  We played the Teen Club.  Don Hirshfield's Dad owned a furniture store in Greeley and he got out of the furniture business and retired from that, and the new owner bought it and turned it into a teen center.  So one of our earliest gigs was in there, and that's where these pictures were taken.  (More photos on the next page.)

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