After Brother Son disbanded, Bob and bass player Jerry Krenzer joined Colorado's premiere party band, The Freddi-Henchi Band.  Prior to them joining, this great soul/funk band had recorded an excellent LP called Dance, and several singles on the Tower, Bell, Patheway, Reprise, and DJM labels.  The group got their start in the sixties as Freddie Henchi and the Soulsetters, and although there were periods of non-existence in the early nineties, they still perform today.  Several of rock and roll's biggest acts have sat in with the band.  Bob would remain a member until 5/21/83, but has made reunion appearances with them in the nineties.  He also rejoined on 11/1/03 and continued with the band until the end.  Photos and memorabilia from some of the reunion performances can be seen on The Freddi-Henchi Band page 2.


Henchi and Freddy

Bob Yeazel, Quills, Larry Wilkens

Tony Bunch, Sonny, Jerry Krenzer



All of the pictures above are from a promo booklet circa 1979.


Above are some nice shots of members of The Freddi-Henchi Band during live performances.  The one on the left is of Bob Yeazel and Jerry Krenzer from a newspaper article from December 1979.  On the right is percussionist Tony Bunch in mid-flip as Bob looks on.  This was a regular part of their highly energetic show.  



Above is a promo photo from when Henchi co-owned and operated the nightclub called THE GOOD EARTH in the mid seventies.  Mary played keyboards with the band for about two years in the seventies.

 Below is video footage of Bob performing live with the Freddi-Henchi Band in 1977.  Click play to start.


Below are two photos from when The Freddi-Henchi Band were recording at Caribou Ranch with producer Jeff Guercio in 1980.  Several great artists recorded some of their best material at this studio including Chicago, Joe Walsh, Elton John, Badfinger and many others.



Above is a nice shot of the Freddi-Henchi Band taken in late 1982 at Ceasars in Lake Tahoe.

left to right standing: Eddie (Boom-Boom) Washington-drums, Gino DiQuinzio-sax, Jerry Krenzer-bass, Tony Bunch-percussion, Bob-guitar, left to right sitting: Henchi-vocals, Michael Graves-road manager (Henchi's brother), Eddie Costa-keyboards, Freddy-vocals

footnote:  This group partied its way through the 70's like Godzilla through downtown Tokyo.  Definitely the most fun I've had playing in a club band, and I've got the liver problems to prove it.  I spent 8 years with these guys and it was a learning experience.  I eventually got so burnt out I had to put my guitar in the closet for about 7 years.  I still communicate with most of these guys and love them like brothers-which they are. 

Believe it or not , these guys are still together and are still kicking ass. They also have recently put out a CD of their fabulous funky stuff, written primarily by the late, great Larry Wilkins. B.Y.

(Obviously Bob's blurb above is a bit outdated, but I didn't want to edit his quote.)


Tony Bunch at the beginning of the show, August 25, 2004

It is with deep sadness that I bring you the news of the passing of our brother and good friend, percussionist Anthony Bunch of the Freddi-Henchi Band on April 5th, 2005 .  Tony has been a very important part of the sound of that group for many years.  He started with the band as a roadie around 1970 and was given special thanks credit on their Dance LP in 1972.  In 1975, he became a full-fledged member of the band.  He added excellent percussion along with some sensational acrobatics.  His being flipped on stage was a regular part of the act in the seventies.  He also wrote an excellent song that the band recorded and used to perform in the late seventies and eighties called "This Old World."  He will be sadly missed by all that knew him.  Rest in Peace, Tony.  We love you. 

In this photo from the seventies, Tony does a handstand while Jerry Krenzer and Bob Yeazel play on.


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